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With south Florida’s harsh weather conditions, the average coating lifespan lasts an average of 10 years, using high-end acrylic and urethane finishes.
C&S works hand in hand with the top manufacturers to ensure a quality and long lasting finish.
We use the leading technology available to protect our client’s interest while also complying with strict OSHA guidelines.
This is a tribute to why our company believes that safety and quality are essential on all exterior projects.


Our professional employees are experts in working with occupied facilities.
We provide HEPA filtration systems and help maintain air quality control to keep a healthy environment.
Our Eco-friendly products, high skilled crews, and full-time supervision allows us to work in healthcare facilities, occupied condos, and corporate offices with little disruption to our clients’ operations.


C&S partners with many of our leading wall covering manufacturers.
We specialize in digital images, fabrics, wood wall covering, vinyl and all specialty high-end products.
Ask us about micro perforation and how it can inhibit mildew growth.


With today’s fast track construction, failing stucco is more common in today’s industry due to lack of procedure and quality.  Our team members are seasoned in the restoration and new stucco field. We team up with certified engineers to ensure a proper and long lasting application.


Our certified personnel understands the importance of having a water tight property.
Water intrusion can lead to mildew growth and costly repairs. Let our professionals protect the envelope of your property.

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